Lab Photos

Dr. Richardson in the behavioral room
Current student researchers in the Richardson Lab
Sarah examining brain sections
Haley using the cryostat
Khayla using the microscope
Saadiya and Alexa examining a brain
Dr. Richardson explaining how to coverslip
Dr. Richardson with students
Dr. Richardson and Dr. Uthayathas in the behavioral room
Dr. Uthayathas using a pipettor in the lab

Former Lab Students Presenting Their Research

Nia Sweatt
Dr. Allison Hester
Amber Kimble
Dr. Devon Jackson
Dr. Allison Hester and Chelsea Nnebe

Encouraging and Inspiring the Next Generation

Dr. Richardson with two lab guests from a local middle school
We love doing research and like to have fun too

We Believe in Mentorship and Professional Development

Dr. Allison Hester and Dr. Robert Taylor
Dr. Richardson and Dr. Orlando Taylor
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